Al Aqor is a tiny village clinging to the edge of the Jabal Akhdar cliffs, on top of Hajar Mountain range. It is the first of a series of villages where thousands of roses are cultivated to be distilled into a unique smoky rose water.

Rose Aqor tells the story of the rose that grew on cliffs.

It opens with the verticality of Pink pepper to climb up the cliff and discover the colorful rose fields in full bloom ; a complex, rich, velvety rose fragrance then blooms thanks to Geranium essence and unusual amounts of Centifolia Rose absolute, married with a mineral and smoky Frankincense essence reminding of the smoky rose water. Patchouli oil and mineral notes echo the soil of the mountains in which the rosebushes are firmly rooted.

With its base rich of Sandalwood, Musk and a hint of Oud, the perfume lingers for hours on the skin, like the smell of roses lingers in the air of Al Aqor.